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July: Good Judgment
Making thoughtful decisions that are both good for you and good for others.

August: Hard Work
Pursue excellence, diligence and always strive to do your best.

September: Responsibility
Follow through on your commitment by  being dependable and accountable for your actions.

October: Respect
Show consideration for yourself, others and the world around you.

November: Honesty
Tell the truth in your actions and words.

December: Love
Show you care about others through kindness and thoughtfulness.

January: Self Control
Monitor your actions, resist temptation and delay gratification to do what is best for all.

February: Compassion
Consider and be sensitive to the feelings  and circumstances of others.

March: Positive Attitude
Have hope, enthusiasm, flexibility and a sense of humor.

April: Integrity
Adhere to your beliefs, be faithful to your conscience, keep your word and be honest with yourself.

May: Fairness
Cooperate with others, play by the rules    and be open to others opinions.

June: Gratitude
Choosing to be thankful for what we have and what others have done and do for us.

     Peaceful Environment at Kenston


This P.E.A.K. initiative is to put Kindness into action at Kenston.  Kindness Counts cards have been distributed to K-12 students and staff.  We believe that kindness is contagious.  You can now track the journey by logging onto www.kenstonkindness.org to see the ripple that one act of kindness can make. Pass it on!



The Mission of the Kenston Local School District is for each student to achieve individual academic excellence and to maximize personal growth in a community which demonstrates and develops mutual respect, responsibility, and life-long learning.

In accordance with our district mission, six essential elements have been identified that encompass our continuous efforts to maintain a safe environment where students, staff, and members of the public behave in a manner toward themselves and others that instills a harmonious existence within our school environment and at all school related events.



In each building there is a place and people available for students and staff to confidentially report, share, and/or discuss concerns. Every effort is made to maintain anonymity to prevent repercussions of any kind. Examples include:

  • Guidance Office

  • Trusted staff member


A variety of information and resources related to maintaining peaceful schools are communicated on a regular basis throughout the school year.

  • Handbooks

  • District Calendar

  • Weekly Folders - Elementary

  • Newsletter - School/Classroom

  • Website with links to resources

  • District-wide brochure

  • Radio


Kenston students, staff and members of the public are expected to behave in a manner that shows respect for themselves and others during the school day and at all school related events. Each building regularly reviews specific behavioral expectations that support peaceful schools. Examples:

  • Posted conspicuously at main and event entrances

  • Reinforced through daily announcements

  • Practiced and modeled across the curriculum


The Kenston School District regularly emphasize key qualities that encourage positive and respectful actions toward oneself and others, and also promotes the development of the necessary life skills to live and prosper in a peaceful environment.

  • July - Good Judgment

  • August - Hard Work

  • September - Responsibility

  • October - Respect

  • November - Honesty

  • December - Love

  • January - Self Control

  • February - Compassion

  • March - Positive Attitude

  • April - Integrity

  • May - Fairness

  • June - Gratitude

An abundance of grade level programs are offered to reinforce and support the goals for peaceful schools and the ideas it represents. Students and others are recognized and acknowledged for promoting character traits in themselves and others. Some examples of these programs are:

  • Smile Makers

  • Lunch Bunch

  • Student of the month

  • Catch them being good

  • Good News Calls


Training for staff focuses on sustaining awareness of the goals set for the Kenston Local Schools peaceful program to promote a harmonious climate and respect within our District.