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The Mute Swan

Tori DoranHalle FodorOn Sunday, March 15, Halle Fodor, Sammy Hajdu, DeeDee Doe, and Tori Doran volunteered to help the nonprofit organization called The Mute Swan. The project these girls worked on was called the Beautiful Baby Project. This project helps single, soon to be mothers who have decided to keep their babies despite the difficulties they may encounter. Together the girls assembled 25 gift baskets that contained some necessary and enjoyable baby products such as baby clothes, diapers, wipes, books, toys and more. These baskets were delivered to local moms the following weekend, and they were surely feeling blessed when seeing how much a group of people can impact their lives.

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Senior Spring Break

Samantha GoodmanThe final spring break for the seniors in Kenston High School will begin March 28th, Saturday, for 10 days. Many senior friend groups are going off with their friends and onto vacation to spend a last vacation with their best friends. Spring break for the seniors is a sad, but exciting time that everyone looks forward to.

"It is weird knowing that this spring break is the last break before college. Honestly I do not know if I am even ready for spring break because I am definitely not ready for college," said Brooke Mostar, a senior going on spring break with her friends and family to Fort Myers.

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Martin Sisters Performing at Playhouse Square

Samantha NeroThe Martin SistersTaylor and Calla Martin will be performing with Cleveland Ballet at Playhouse Square's Ohio Theater on Friday, April 17, 2015.  The program is named under "Classic. Elegant. Timeless." and it begins at 7 p.m.  Along with the Cleveland Ballet Youth Company, three other incredible guest artists and a choreographic world premiere will also be featured.   According to Taylor, their dance teacher wanted to bring back Cleveland Ballet and re-establish it as the resident professional ballet company in Cleveland.  Taylor said, "We performed at the Hannah Theater last year which is where Cleveland Ballet began.  Our teacher wanted us to next perform at the Ohio Theater. To prepare for this event we have been practicing since February and we had a lot of help from Robert Wesner; who is a guest choreographer that came up with some pieces for our performance.  It turned out great and I can't wait."  Cleveland Ballet invites Kenston High School to support their classmates at the performance!  Here is the link to get your tickets online.

Capture the Flag is Back!!!

Noah GeorgianThe Capture the Flag Tournament is coming back to Kenston this year.  The Business Club will be running this two week long event from April 8 - 22nd.  If you want to create a team you can follow this link to a Google Forms sign up sheet.  Everything will be electronic this year.  Evan Berry, the co-president of the Business Club said, "We want everyone to come out and have a good time!"  The price for every person on your team is $5.  The team captain is responsible for the entire team's money.  They can turn it in to Mr. Kepros before Wednesday, April 8th.  If your team does not have their money, they do not play.  Good luck at the tournament and if you have any questions you can contact Ben Poe, Ryan Herpy, Allie Smith, or Evan Berry.  If you do not have a team but still want to play we encourage you to contact one of the people listed above.

Variety Show

Sydney BravermanThe Variety Show is quickly approaching! If you have a talent that you want to share with everyone, don't forget to tryout.  Your talent can be anything from singing and dancing, to doing magic tricks! Tryouts are on March 25th and 26th. You can also run the show if you do not want to share your talent.  Tryouts to be an MC are on March 24th. There is also another option! If you do not want to share your talent or run the show, you can come and watch the Variety Show on April 25th. "I am very excited to see my friends possibly perform in the variety show," said Bridget Lucey. Save the date!

Family Dinner

Noah GeorgianDinner time can be a nice time for families to eat dinner with each other and talk about their day, right?  I am not so sure, studies show that less and less people are eating dinner as a family.  Dr. Mike Bouleeve said, "Families eating less together can be attributed to a higher dependence on fast food."  Although other experts disagree, Nada Truman at the University of Arizona said, "I believe that dinner has become less of a social gathering because of the influx amount of technology that our society depends on." 

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Governor's Art Show

Abby RandallThe Governor’s art show is a show that is dedicated to showing the works of young talented artists all around Ohio, and four very talented students from our school have works being presented!  These students include: Melanie Formica, Garrett Rosinski, Becky Hiros, and Matt Ballard.  Out of 12,000 students that are selected from the 12 different regions, only 300 works are actually put on the exhibit! The show is taken place at the James A. Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus at the beginning of April and ends in May.  Scholarships and Awards of Excellence will be distributed to the students at the opening of the show. Congratulations to the students whose pieces made it in and keep up the good work!  

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Tuxedo Deals!

Kate BlackburnOn April 16 American Commodore will visit KHS for junior and senior boys.  New this year they will be providing an in-school ordering service for prom tuxes.  By ordering during their visit you can save $50-$60 per rental! They accept cash and credit cards only.  For even more convenience, tuxes will be delivered to the high school for students to pick up.

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STEAM night is back!

Baylie Van WinkleSTEAM night which is Science Technology Engineering of Art and Math is held Wednesday, March 18th at Kenston High School, doors open at 5:30 pm. There is a huge variety of hands- on activities for ages K-12 and families. Every room in the lower wings will be used for different presenters which are, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, American Society of Materials, Chagrin Valley Quiler's Guild, Craig Minich, DDS, MSD, CWRU, Jack Fay Architecture, FIRST robotics, Geauga County Park System, Gooch & Housego, Her in Motion, Kenston Science Olympiad teams, Kenston Staff and Students, Beth Krause, Ph.D Lake County Environmental Center, Parker Hannifin, PCC Airfoils Rockwell Automation, The Renaissance Group, and Valley Art Center. KHS teacher Mrs. Phillips said, "Last year there was a turnout of one thousand people for STEAM night, let's top that amount for this year!"

Kenston Ultimate looking to recruit

Max RogersKenston Ultimate began in 2007 and has qualified for the state tournament every year, winning the state championship in 2011. Last year at states the team recovered from a rocky Saturday, played strong in the bracket on Sunday, and took home the second place trophy. This year the team returns five players and is looking to recruit. If you are interested in being part of this awesome sport contact captain Zac Byrnes or our well respected coach, Robert Olsen at 440-364-1380.

Blood Drive

Kate BlackburnNHS will be hosting their annual Blood Drive on Wednesday, March 25.  All juniors and seniors are eligible to give blood if they pass the screening.   Students will be given half sheets of paper to request a donation time.  Times run from 9:15 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.  Each student will receive a parental consent form with common questions answered and more information written on the back.

One single person's donation of one pint of blood can save up to three lives.  Every two seconds someone needs a blood transfusion; with five million patients in the US each year.  Come out and donate to help support this important cause. 

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Sophomores Wanted!

Jenna KerchenskiEmma BiermannEntertainment and Marketing, also known as radio, is a class for juniors and seniors. This is not a traditional class, but it is well worth the four semester/two year commitment. Mr. Kofron does an excellent job of making the class exciting, as well as interesting every day. The students taking the class earn an experience you can not gain from any other class. You will gain real life experience of broadcasting from a fully functioning radio station. The radio station, FM  91.5 WKHR, plays jazz and Big Band music from the great American songbook. WKHR covers the greater Cleveland area and broadcasts throughout the world on WKHR is primarily run by students and volunteers from our community. You receive two letter grades for the class, your class grade and your lab grade. You will gain your lab grade by going to the station after school and spending time contributing to the station. Monday thru Friday, students have their own radio shows. The station is located at the middle school, students will use their brain break to get fresh air while they walk or drive to the station.

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Prom 2015

Halle FodorThe hype of prom is buzzing around.  This year, prom will be held on May 2nd at Signature of Solon.  Girls have already started looking for their dresses, and guys have been talking about who they should ask.  Although it sounds early, planning ahead is ideal in order to finding the perfect attire.  Even though a lot of planning is involved, Prom is a night where everyone can let go and have fun, so don't let the preparation keep you away from attending.  Senior Tori Doran said, "I am excited to spend my last senior event with all of my friends and I am looking forward to getting all dolled up; it being one of the only opportunities to feel glamorous for a night."  There will be follow up information on both Prom and After Prom so stay tuned!      

Banana Split Festival Coming to Town!!!

Noah GeorgianThe banana split festival is coming back into town!  People all over the school are very excited for this years festival.  The festival will be held June 12th and June 13th in Wilmington.  The festival is fun for the whole family, with great banana splits for all.  Banana lover Simon Coughlin said, "I love bananas and this years festival is bound to be great, my heart has been locked for many years and bananas are the key to open my heart."

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Scholarship Deadlines Approaching!

Tori DoranCollege seems to be getting more and more expensive each year. We are all searching for resources to earn some extra money to help pay the hefty cost of college. Kenston has always been very helpful in this field. There is an abundance of local money out there for us seniors to snatch up by doing some very worthwhile scholarship applications and essays. Due dates for multiple scholarships are soon approaching however, so being aware and staying on top of these deadlines is key! "Kenston offers many great opportunities for those who are searching for extra aid in paying for college," said Kenston senior, Halle Fodor. Recognizing the worth of these opportunities like Halle does is very important.

Scholarship applications, criteria and deadlines are in the Guidance Office. Good luck to everyone and be sure not to miss out on any opportunities! Visit the Guidance page (scroll down to Scholarship Information) to find out more details.

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Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins
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March 26, 1979 - In a ceremony at the White House, Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin sign a historic peace agreement, ending three decades of hostilities between Egypt and Israel and establishing diplomatic and commercial ties.

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March 26, 2015 - "Well done is better than well said." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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