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Op-Ed Essays: Spring 2008
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Op-Ed Essays: Spring 2008 Block 4

Students in Dr. Gray's "The Results of Hatred: The Holocaust and Beyond" wrote op-ed articles on the genocide in Sudan and other contemporary issues related to topics in the class, such as US hate groups and racial prejudice. As op-ed writers, they needed to follow certain rules:
Issues must be contemporary and relevant to the curriculum
Their individual opinions must be strongly stated
Background information or history must be given to clarify the situation
Factual sources such as newspaper articles (and quotes, when applicable) must be used and verified by the teacher by showing them to the teacher before using
A "call to action" must be given

Each opinion is that of the student writer and does not express a position of the school or the class as a whole.

Chris Benjamin Block 4
Tia Blakey
Alex Brandt
Courtney Bryant
Andrew Carter
Ashley Cross
Jessica DeWater
Chelsea Dockrill
Carlye Embrescia
Sharaya Galloway
Julia Gilinsky
Emily Gordon
Cole Herman
AJ Holderman
Eric Lewis
Brian Marein
Ryan McQuigg
Chris Meyer
Danielle Negrelli
Clayton Newell
Barbora Pumochova

Ben Rees
Luke Ryhter
Zach Shell
Joe Sirna

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