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Out West Trip Daily Log

Sunday 7/11: View our LittleBuddyLocator Archive page (read message at top)

Saturday, July 31
Photos from Bobbie Szabo

Monday, July 26
Photos from Mrs. Torma
NOTE: I *think* this is the last batch of photos from the trip. ~ Mr. C.

Friday, July 23
Kenston Out West Trip Part II by Ross Henry; Related: Part I

Rafting!Thursday, July 22
Elizabeth Dreimiller sent me the following Photos
NOTE: I know there are still more photos coming, so CHECK BACK!
~ Mr. C.

Monday, July 19
NOTE: I know there are still more photos coming, so CHECK BACK!
~ Mr. C.
I received 82 photos from different students to create a "Favorite Photos of the Trip Gallery." If you have some photos you want to add to this gallery, email them to and I will add them, but read the note below posted 7/16.

NOTE TO ALL CAMPERS 7/16 @ 9:40 am: If you have any "favorite" photos from the trip and you want to share them with everyone, email them to by the end of the day on Sunday (7/18); I will post them on Monday (7/19). Your attachments have to be less than 10 Mb per email or I will not get them, so only send 3-5 images per email. ~ Mr. C.

Welcome Home!Day 26
Thursday, July 15
Travel until we reach Kenston!
Note (12:40 p.m.): Ross Henry and Drew Bailey let me copy their memory cards from the trip. There are close to 2,000 photos for me to sort through, edit and post. Check back later tonight or tomorrow.
~ Mr. C.
Welcome Home Photos
Photos from the entire trip: Drew Bailey | Ross Henry (7/16 @ 9:40 am)
NOTE to DREW and ROSS: I did "sort through" the 2,000 photos and reduced the number down dramatically. Ross, I did not use most of your nature photos, because I edited Drew's first, and did not want to duplicate many of the nature images. If I missed any of your favorite photos, send me the file name in an email, and I can add them ( BTW: Both of you can take photos for the website anytime you want! Awesome pictures! ~ Mr. C.

NOTE: I received a video from Mrs. Torma. The message in the email said, "Compliments of Mrs. Tatro." I am not sure if it is our kids dancing or the adults. You can't make out any faces, but you can hear voices.
Video: Dance Party (QuickTime; 3 Mb)

Day 25
Wednesday, July 14
Travel all day and all night!
Note (8 p.m.): I just received a copy of "Kenston Out West Trip, Part I" by Ross Henry
Webmaster's note: I received the two videos Mr. Palumbo took when he caught up with the campers on the west coast. They are in AVI format, and worked fine on my computer with Windows Media Viewer. I would suggest you RIGHT CLICK on the links below and select SAVE TARGET, and point to your desktop. After they download, play them from your desktop.
Video: Surprising the campers as they got off the bus (30 Mb) | Trying to get a tent set up (23.8 Mb)
One last swim!Note 2: I received this swimming photo from Mrs. Torma. The campers got to take one last swim (at Chris' Camp - see LOOK HERE below) before the long bus ride home. Mrs. Torma said she will contact parents as they get close to Cleveland on Thursday. She is expecting a mid day return. I will post it on this page when she contacts me, but I guess you should be ready to go to KHS anytime Thursday between morning to early afternoon.

Day 24
Tuesday, July 13
Travel to Spearfish, SD (Google map). (500 miles) I don't know where they are camping- sorry! LOOK HERE Mrs. Torma emailed me, they are camping at Chris' Campground. ~ Mr. C.
Webmaster's note: I just checked my email (12:15 a.m.) and Mrs. Torma sent the following pictures a little after 9 p.m. Monday night. Rest at ease, everyone survived rafting the Snake River on Monday! And now, they have a lot of driving to do to get home on Thursday.
NOTE: I am looking to see if I can find photos on the Internet from the rafting trip. Check back later this afternoon to see if I found them.
I FOUND THEM (noon): OK, I found the photos of our group rafting on the Snake River. It looks to me like they were in three different rafts. Follow the link below and look at the following three photo sets:
Guide: Brent, Boat 114
Guide: Maggie, Boat 115
Guide: Jermias, Boat 116
Go to: SnakeRiverWhiteWaterPhotosAndVideo
~ Mr. C.

Getting off the bus for the rafting trip
Getting off the bus for
the rafting trip
After the rafting trip
After the rafting trip
Ross and Dawson (proud they survived)
Ross and Dawson
(proud they survived)

Day 23
Monday, July 12
Explore Upper and Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (be sure to scroll to the bottom and take the online tour if you have time). Hike Mt. Washburn. Camp at Grant Village. (120 miles)
Webmaster's note: I still have not heard back from Mrs. Torma since last Wednesday (7/ 7). I'm guessing she is having a reception issue, or is just really busy. If I remember right, when I was out there 2 years ago, we did have a problem at Yellowstone and the Tetons, and our cell phones did not work in Jackson. Perhaps we will hear from them later today. I will post as soon as I hear from her. ~ Mr. C.
BREAKING NEWS (9:50 a.m.): I just heard from Mrs. Burton (Bobbie's Mom). Below is what she said:
Hi Ronnie! My daughter, Bobbie, called last night to say all was well- off of a pay phone! Anyway- she said their bus broke down on Saturday which led to a change in schedule- they didn't get to whitewater raft on Sunday but were planning to go today. So that canceled the Mount Washburn hike today. She said that besides that they were all on schedule and were still planning to get home on Thursday.
MORE NEWS (12 noon): I just received two photos (below) from Mrs. Torma, but she did not answer any of my questions, so I am guessing she did not receive my emails. I *think* the pictures are from their hike this past Friday. ~ Mr. C.
EVEN MORE NEWS (5:20 p.m.): I just received a text email from Mrs. Torma, and she sent four more pictures (below). Here is her message:
Hi Ronnie
We had bus trouble and bad reception. The bus is now fixed. We have done some overlooks in Yellowstone and doing a couple more in the Tetons before Jackson. Our raft trip is at 3:30 but I don't think they'll actually get in the water until 4 or 4:15. The boat company is Barker-Ewing. I'm taking pics at the rope which is a wave train. Should be cool!
Little buddy has been low priority due to bus trouble but we will try to get it charged. We are still on schedule for Thursday around midday. ~ Mrs. Torma

View from Colter Bay Village on Jackson Lake
View from Colter Bay Village
on Jackson Lake
Lunch looking at the Tetons
Lunch looking
at the Tetons
Connor fell asleep on bus- he was really tired
Connor fell asleep on
bus- he was really tired
Lower Falls in Yellowstone National Park (Thanks Emily!)
Lower Falls in Yellowstone
National Park
(Thanks Emily!)
Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls
Lake Solitude
Lake Solitude

This photo is from the 08-09 tripDay 22
Sunday, July 11
Explore and tour Grand Teton National Park. Travel to Jackson, WY (images) and raft the Snake River (watch short video). (80 miles)
Parents: Take a look at the photos from 2 years ago: Part I | Part II

Day 21
Saturday, July 10
Travel to Yellowstone. Explore Midway Geyser Basin and Old Faithful (web camera!). (100

Day 20
Friday, July 9
Hike to Lake Solitude (images).

Day 19
Thursday, July 8
Travel to Colter Bay, WY, Grand Teton National Park with a possible stop in
Craters of the Moon, Idaho (be sure to check their multi-media page).
Camp at Colter Bay Village Group Campground. (366 miles)

Webmaster's note: I received the following email from Mrs. Torma last night, apparently "sent" yesterday morning:
Hi Ronnie:
We're on our way to Idaho today. Checked the little buddy, sorry we thought it was on. We will charge it tonight. We never did see St. Helens or Rainier but did some hiking anyways.
The kids were all excited about mail and most don't want to head east just yet.
Next is laundry, Grand Tetons, raft trip, Yellowstone and then home.
Everyone is healthy except for a few scrapes, a sore knee and loads of mosquito bites.
We are truly having a great time and I will keep the pics coming.

Day 18
Wednesday, July 7
Travel to Mountain Home | KOA, Idaho. (490 miles)

Webmaster's note: Mrs. Torma sent two videos. They are in QuickTime format (mov's). If you cannot view them, send me an email and let me know ( I can go to school and convert them to Windows Media files (I don't have the conversion program at home). ~ Mr. C.

Video: Students at Crater Lake (2 Mb) | Teachers at Crater Lake (2 Mb)

Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Phantom Ship
Phantom Ship
Wizard Island
Wizard Island
Mail Call
Mail Call

Day 17
Tuesday, July 6
Explore Crater Lake and take a boat ride to Wizard Island (images). (75 miles)

Day 16
Monday, July 5
Drive to Crater Lake National Park (they have 2 web cams). Camp at Broken Arrow Group Campground.
(341 miles)

Webmaster's note: Mrs. Torma sent the following photos from Oregon. She did not mention if the clouds cleared in Washington, so I do not know if they got a chance to explore Mt. Rainier. ~ Mr. C.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Looking for a spot to have lunch
Looking for a spot to have lunch
Time to eat!
Time to eat!
They left their mark...
They left their mark...

Day 15
Sunday, July 4
Explore Mt. St. Helens including Johnston Ridge and Windy Ridge.

Webmaster's note: I received the following photos from Mrs. Torma late Saturday night. The clouds never did clear, so they will try again today (Sunday, July 4). The forecast for today is 55 degrees with a chance of showers. ~ Mr. C.

A Cloudy Mt. Rainer
A Cloudy Mt. Rainer
Waiting for the clouds to break!
Waiting for the clouds to break!
Caution, Warning, Red Alert!
Caution, Warning, Red Alert!
Cougar Rock Campground
Paradise Inn
Paradise Inn

Day 14
Jessica Sofranko finished off the pudding!Saturday, July 3
Explore and hike Mt. Rainier before continuing to Mt. St. Helens. Camp at
Seaquest State Park Campground. (100 miles).
LOOK HERE (9:45 a.m.): Here is another batch of PHOTOS from Mr. Palumbo. He is also sending some video, and as soon as I get it I will post it. Check back later today (hopefully). ~ Mr. C.

Day 13
Friday, July 2
Drive to Mt. Rainier National Park. Explore the Paradise area of Mt. Rainier
including viewpoints of Nisqually Glacier. Camp at Cougar Rock Campground.

Webmaster's note: Mrs. Torma sent the following photos:

The Palumbos
The Palumbos
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Hmm- Tent Location?
Hmm- Tent Location?
Rain Forest
Rain Forest
Rain Forest
Rain Forest
Rain Forest
Rain Forest

Day 12
Thursday, July 1
Explore Hoh Rainforest, Hurricane Ridge (Web Camera!), and tidal environments in Olympic
National Park
. (100 miles)
LOOK HERE (4:30 p.m.): Mr. Palumbo just sent a bunch of photos- he met up with the campers last night. I think he is sending more, so check back. ~ Mr. C.

Day 11
Wednesday, June 30
Drive to Olympic National Park via ferry from Keystone to Port Townsend, WA.
Camp at Kalaloch Campground on coast. (140 miles)
Webmaster's note: Mrs. Torma has reception! She sent me the bottom 6 late last night, and the top 4 this afternoon!

Deception Pass, WA
Deception Pass, WA
Looking out to Puget Sound
Deception Pass, WA
Deception Pass, WA
Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Glacier
View From Campground
View From Campground
Washing Dishes at Sumas
Washing Dishes at Sumas
Glacier Park
Glacier Park
Turk and Eileen after 500 mile drive
Turk and Eileen after
500 mile drive

Day 10
Tuesday, June 29
Travel to Sumas, WA camping at Sumas RV Park. (500 miles)

Day Nine
Monday, June 28
Take a morning guided hike on Athabasca Glacier of the Columbian Icefields.
Explore Banff National Park stopping at Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and other
overlooks. (200 miles)

Day Eight
Sunday, June 27
Take a tour at Dinosaur Provincial Park and head to Banff National Park. Camp at
Two Jack Main Group Campground. (165 miles)

Day Seven
Saturday, June 26
Travel to Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. Tour the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Camp at
Dinosaur Provincial Park. (370 miles)

Day Six
Friday, June 25
Tour the east side of Glacier National Park hiking in Many Glacier. (50 miles)
Webmaster's note: You can visit the Glacier NP Facebook Page for photos and other information! Also, they have several Web Cameras at Glacier Park- take a look and if you happen to see our students, save the picture and email it to me for posting on our website ( ~ Mr. C.

Day Five
Thursday, June 24
Drive to St. Mary, MT camping at St. Mary Campground in Glacier National Park. (490 miles)

Day Four
Wednesday, June 23
Morning tour of Wind Cave and then depart for Little Big Horn. NOTE: They have two web cameras that take a single still image every 5 minutes. If you are bored, and check every 15 minutes or so, you will find them :) Web Cameras My best guess would be to check between 3 and 7 p.m. our time- View Web Cameras (I have an email to Kathy to find out her best guess as to what time they will be there- check back)
Camp in Hardin, MT at Grandview Campground. (325 miles)

Webmaster's note: Mrs. Torma sent the following photos at 5:30 p.m. She did not answer my email concerning what time they will arrive at Little Bighorn. If anyone see's them on the web cam, be sure to email the photos to me:

Lecture at Badlands
Lecture at Badlands
Buffalo in Wind Cave Park
Buffalo in Wind Cave Park
Notch Trail at Badlands
Notch Trail at Badlands
Window at Notch Trail
Window at Notch Trail

Day Three
Tuesday, June 22
Drive to Black Hills, SD. Visit Mount Rushmore. Camp at Game Lodge Group
Campground in Custer State Park
. (440 miles)

Webmaster's note: I just received (6/22 @ 10:25 a.m.) the following pictures from Mrs. Torma:

Along the Mississippi on
Monday morning

Breakfast in MN

Day Two
Monday, June 21
Continue driving to Pipestone National Monument, MN. Tour Pipestone and
camp at Blue Mounds State Park Group Campsite. (434 miles)
Webmaster's note: Mrs. Torma will be sending me photos- as soon as she does, I will post them. ~ Mr. C.

Goodbye!Day One
Sunday, June 20, 2010
Students said their goodbyes and boarded the bus for the first leg of the trip. They will be driving all night until they reach Pipestone National Monument, MN and will camp Monday night at Blue Mounds State Park Group Campsite.

Day 1 related: Goodbye Photos

Pre Trip Information

Complete Itinerary (PDF)

The Kenston Field Experience is not an ordinary camping trip. Students will be able to see firsthand the geology, biology and history of the American West while camping and hiking in national parks and monuments including Jewel Cave, Glacier, Banff, Olympic, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Crater Lake, Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. The trip also includes whitewater rafting on the Snake River.

Students receive a half credit of high school science for successfully completing the trip. Students are required to complete a journal, field lab activities, hike and participate in assigned duties including cooking, setting up camp, and washing dishes.

This summer, the 2010 Kenston Field Experience will last from June 20th to July 16th. A sign-up meeting will be held in the Auburn-Bainbridge Room on Wednesday, November 4th at 7:30 pm. Please attend if you are interested in this unique out west experience!

Banff National Park

Crater Lake

Mount Rainier

Olympic National Park

Pacific Coast

Whitewater Rafting

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