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Never Would Have Happened 10 Years Ago
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Never Would Have Happened 10 Years Ago

What is the first thing you do when you would like to learn about something? Google it. What about when you randomly find a lost high school class ring on a Florida beach, and would like to return it? Search the school’s name on the Internet, of course.

From Home Page Only ten years ago neither would have been possible. The World Wide Web has a short history; the idea was initiated in 1962. Finally, in 1995, the Federal Networking Council unanimously passed a resolution defining the term “Internet”. Average-income families began to purchase the Internet in 1997. The worldwide web has rapidly increased in popularity, allowing people to connect with friends and family and serve as a valuable informational database.

Our Kenston High School Website was founded in 1998. Throughout the years, the Kenston Website has been a resource for its students, alumni, and community. Additionally, our website has drawn families into the Kenston district. The KHS Website has also been able to be the link between a New Hampshire resident to my aunt, a Kenston graduate currently living in Florida.

On the morning of February 22, 2007, Mr. Continenza, KHS Webmaster and teacher, called me over and asked if I had a relative who had graduated from Kenston in 1985. With a large extended family, I had no idea when anyone, besides my brother and sister, graduated from Kenston.

"What is their first name?" I questioned.

1985 Class RingMr. Continenza responded with “Polly,” and I immediately exclaimed, "That is my aunt!" He told me that he received an email from a woman, who walked on a Florida beach and found a Kenston 1985 class ring in the sand. Within twenty-four hours, Mrs. Lisa Thompson and my aunt, Polly Henry, emailed each other, became friends, and decided how to return the ring.

"This hasn’t been the first time I have received an email about returning graduation rings," Mr. Continenza said.

Polly Henry with her ringThe Internet has an interesting way of connecting people and allowing out-of-the-ordinary events to occur. Fortunately my aunt received her ring just as other people have in the past. Thanks to the Internet and our KHS Website, these happenings would have never happened 10 years ago.

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