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Behind the Curtain of 42nd Street
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Behind the Curtain of 42nd Street

Hannah KrasowskiOn stage, the cast of 42nd Street look calm and collected, but backstage there is endless activity. Everyone is going around asking each other where their shoes are or what scene is next or who took their 'Dames' dress. Mostly the response to that is a strict "shush," from a nervous cast member or an annoyed crew person.

After months of long rehearsals many of the actors have not only learned so many talents and made many friends, they've also gotten many injuries due to hard work. They have blisters on their feet, bruises on their knees, splinters in their arms, and many headaches due to the stress from all their hard work. Regardless, the bumps and bruises are worth it for a good production.

From Home Page What happens backstage can be very busy. Here are some fun facts of what really happens backstage.

The cast and crew have worked so hard on this show and many who have seen it have claimed that is the best play Kenston has ever presented. We all hope to see you there!