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KHS Grad Works for WKYC
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KHS Grad Works for WKYC

Jacob SchroederAmanda Barren is a Kenston High School 1998 graduate who pursued a career in broadcasting after graduation and currently works for WKYC. She has had many different broadcasting jobs in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Amanda Barren is both a skilled writer and reporter, who is encouraged by her Kenston English teachers. She attended the E.W Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.

From Home Page Amanda BarrenIt all started when she left a story on her kitchen table when she was in the ninth grade. Her mother read it and suggested to Amanda that she should consider a career in writing. "That is when I realized I truly enjoyed it." Amanda gives the credit to her mother for getting her on the road to a career in writing, but also gives credit to her Kenston teachers who, as she said, "kept it interesting." Her love for English class was cut short when grammar was being studied. Now she says she wished she would have paid better attention. In high school, she took all of the reading and writing classes she could. Amanda was constantly doing something "extra" in school and loved what she did. An example of an "extra" was the writing lab, where she tutored during her senior year. She gives the extra work credit for getting her into school when her grades were mediocre and her test scores "miserable." Amanda was constantly involved in the class government, including being her class president her senior year. The combination of class government work and cheerleading all four years kept her very busy. Of the many things Amanda did in high school she wishes she would have put time in yearbook but says she didn't "know when I would have had time." As many can relate, Amanda said, "Being involved though created experiences and situations about life that I still draw from today."

Deciding that a broadcasting career was the one for her was easy. She claims to be a very visual person who liked the idea of putting pictures and words together. She attended camp the summer before senior year and absolutely loved it. What led her there is still a mystery to her but she believes her friend and neighbor Frank Marzullo (who is a weatherman and was also into broadcasting) helped peak her interest. On Amanda Barren's success, Dr Gray said, "I'm not surprised to see her succeed because she was bright, energetic and articulate."

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