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Ladies Lacrosse Team Pulls Out Much Unexpected Success

Alyssa RossAfter the 2007 Girls Lacrosse teams underwhelming success in their first year as an official Kenston athletic sport, the future did not look too bright for the 2008 team. Although the program is missing some key starters from last season, including Jenna Brady and Annie Grimm, the team has prevailed with a surprising 3-3 record for the season so far. At first glance, one would anticipate a total rebuilding season for the 2008 team, which consists of 9 freshmen and only 9 returning members of the 23 lacrosse girls. In addition, the team has 6 sophomores and 4 juniors on the roster. The team is lead by Coach Mindy Cone and senior captains Katie Frey and Megan Loomis.

From Home Page Katie Frey said the key to the teams shocking achievement is immense teamwork and team bonding. "As a team, we're closer than any other Kenston lacrosse team I've played on in high school. We have great dedication and leadership this year and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully more victories to come," said Katie. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to do to get the team at a true varsity level. "Since there are so many new girls on the team, we had to build up from the basics. Most of these girls didn't even know the rules to the game," Frey said. The astonishing accomplishments of the 2008 Varsity Lacrosse team will surely continue and the Kenston community is looking forward to more victories from the underdog Kenston spring sport.