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Pre-Season Dedication
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Pre-Season Dedication

Cal CumpstoneFor several weeks now, the Kenston Bomber basketball teams have been preparing for the upcoming season. A week of basketball consists of before school morning workouts on Tuesday and Friday, after school lifting on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and a two and a half hour open gym on Wednesday. The workouts are almost completely led by upperclassmen players Cal Cumpstone, Peter Horn, Jeff Catlin and Cole Herman. These activities have instilled a great work ethic in our program that will carry through the season and for years to come.

From Home Page The spirits in the program are running high, sophomore, Mitch Lowman said, "I love working to hone my skills, and I especially love the weight lifting sessions; I can just feel my muscles getting bigger!" Senior, Pete "Father" Horn said, "Although, I love sculpting my guns in the after school lifting sessions, I live for the morning workouts!" And freshman sensation Eric Truog said, "Really man, I just love to be around all the guys- everyone's just so super!" Because the team has such a great mentality going into the season, look for the Bombers to do great things on the court this year.

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