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Volleybll Post-Season
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Volleyball Post-Season

Kim KobzowiczPost season is quickly approaching and your Kenston Bomber Volleyball team’s first sectional game takes place on Wednesday this week. Seeded first in sectionals and with six seniors, three juniors and four sophomores, Kenston volleyball is ready to play tough and hopefully keep up their winning streak. This season has been amazing for all of those who have been involved with the team; not only do the girls have an incredible record of 21-1 this year, but the six seniors have yet to ever fall to a CVC team. The girls' CVC record for their four years here at Kenston is 40-0. This incredible statistic also stands for the juniors and sophomores on varsity.

From Home Page The first-year varsity volleyball coach, Karen Gellen, coached all of the girls on varsity at some point on her JV team within the last few years. She has done a great job, and has motivated the team to strive to improve, no matter who they are competing against. She has brought many great new things to the volleyball team, and the success of the team, is definitely a reflection of her coaching. During practice, the girls compete and push each other to become better for the team's best interest. Coach Gellen has structured a practice that has changed the team for better. The Lady Bombers have become more competitive and have learned to mentally deal with pressure. All of the members on the team have improved greatly because of their high participation in practice.

Be sure to congratulate the Lady Bombers on their awesome regular season, but don't stop there; our Lady Bombers would love your support at their first Sectional match this Wednesday!