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Indoor Track Ends, Outdoor Begins
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Indoor Track Ends, Outdoor Begins

Jeff ChudakoffThe outdoor track season is just beginning, and the boys and girls are looking great. This is largely a result of a fantastic indoor track season in which many devoted track runners competed in preparation for the outdoor season. The indoor track season lasted about a month preceding the start of outdoor competition, and was seen as a great way to train both mentally as well as physically.

From Home Page For some, the indoor season was a time to set initial benchmarks and goals. Many competing athletes ran impressive times, even a month before outdoor track began. Ryan Reese ran a time of 9:47 in the 3000m event while Ben Foote-Huth ran a time of 2:13 in the 800m event. Also impressive was Kyle Hoehnen's efforts in both the mile and 800m events, running a 4:37 and 2:07 respectively. All other athletes also ran extremely well, leaving no doubt that this outdoor track season will not disappoint.

"Indoor track was a good experience, but it is still only practice for the more important outdoor season," said Ben Foot-Huth.