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Dedicated Players

Morgan WeemhoffThe girl's tennis team has been utilizing this off season to kick their game up a notch by playing lots and lots of tennis. This year, more than ever, the girls need to improve their skills and face the challenge of losing three valuable players on the team. Nicole Kennedy, Alli Wengryniuk, and Courtney Bryant are seniors who will be graduating this year and no longer be playing on the Kenston tennis team. Nicole said, "I am very sad not to be playing on the team with these girls next year, but I will always be one of the team's biggest fans!" The team is looking for girls to step up and fill these spots in order to maintain their current success record. Many upcoming freshmen, such as Kendall Althans, are taking an initiative to play as much tennis before the fall season as possible, with hopes of making varsity next year.

From Home Page It is always exciting to see the dedication and love for tennis the team portrays, and it is incredible what a lot of hard work and perseverance can do. This year was my first year on the tennis team and I was shocked when I found out that I made varsity. I was equally impressed by the talent the girls on this team possessed and how much devotion and enthusiasm the coaches have for the game. I came onto the team knowing little to none of the players, but by the end of the year I had made several best friends. I learned so much this first year of tennis, especially from my doubles partner, Nicole Kennedy, who taught me the tennis etiquette. The respect for the game and for our fellow team members lead us to a successful season complete with two players going to states, an impressive record, and the reward for the school's highest GPA.

Tennis is a great, life long sport; I can't wait to see the other girls who will take advantage of the chance to play on the Kenston tennis team next year. Although, it will not be easy to top last year’s achievements, I hope to see our success continue to rise.