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Bomber Golf Season Coming to Close
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Bomber Golf Season Coming to Close

Doug RevakThe Bomber Golf Team was disappointed with the decision of their long time coach, Mr. Torma, to leave the team after the past golf season.  They were raging with anticipation to see who would step in as the new coach.  The guys were extremely excited when they found out that the new coach would be the assistant professional at Grantwood Golf Course, TJ Tabor.  Coach Tabor said, "I am very excited to work with the team and try to teach them a few things."  With another new addition to the team, Nolan Marks, the team had very high hopes for the season.  Although the golf team got off to a rocky start, the guys have bounced back with some big wins over rivals West Geauga, Beachwood, and Perry.  The team has been impressed with how the bottom guys on the team have been really contributing to the team score, as the past year the back end of the team fell short. 

From Home Page The top guys on the team which include Steven Wonnell, Nolan Marks, and Doug Revak have had a strong season so far. They have posted some impressive scores thus far.  Revak had a 76 (Fairways) and 77 (Barrington). Wonnell had 79 (Punderson) and 78 (Stonewater).  Marks had 78 (Punderson) and 82 (Stonewater).  The team was looking for a big win over Aurora to try to clinch the CVC but fell short 169-158.  The Team wanted to have a better finish than last year in the CVC Conference Tournament at Stonewater Golf Club. They accomplished this by finishing in fourth place. The big preformer was Nolan Marks who shot the low round for the team, 80. This helped the Bombers edge Chagrin by one shot in the tournament. The team had a total score of 355 while Chagrin had 356. Coach Tabor was very pleased with the preformance out of Marks.

Something to look ahead to is the sectional tournament which is also held at Candywood Golf Club, where the guys need to have a strong finish to move on to the District tournament. With the team not making it to the District tournament last year, they hope to change that this year. They will need to have good scores from their top guns.  The team from two seasons ago surprised everybody by finishing good enough for the team to make it to Districts. Look for the team to surprise people as the team is starting to come together and post some strong numbers. Coach Tabor is always telling the guys, "focus on the shot in front of you" and with this strong coaching from Coach Tabor this goal is very possible to achieve!