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The Boys Soccor Team Defeats Madison!
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The Boys Soccer Team Ties Lake Catholic!

Sean SlaughterThe Kenston boys' varsity soccer team tied with a score of 1-1 against our rival team Lake Catholic Thursday, September 15. The one goal was scored by Ethan Bush. At the end of the 1st half Kenston was winning 1-0 and Kenston really thought we were going to win the game. Kenston played a good 1st half and the game possibly could have been 3-0, there were a couple headers Kenston had that were really close to going in the goal. The 2nd half there was one questionable offside’s call on Ethan Bush. Ethan Bush said, “I was not offsides; when the ball was passed to me I was behind the Lake Catholic defender, therefore I was not offsides.” Coach Vasil thought he was not offsides either and yelled at the sideline referee and the middle referee. Ethan Bush scored but it didn’t count because he was offsides, if the goal had counted Kenston would have been up 2-0. Later in the 2nd half Lake Catholic had a free kick and scored and tied the game 1-1. After Lake Catholic scored the game got really intense, both teams fought really hard. Kenston really started to step up in the 2nd half, but fell short of winning and the final score was 1-1. Good Effort Bombers and good luck the rest of the season!