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Fall Athlete Picture Locations ~ 2008

KAB is excited to announce the picture placement of the Fall Athletes with the Senior Athlete Pride Picture Program. Local stores, restaurants and retailers will feature Senior Athletes by Season. Their picture will proudly be displayed in their store throughout the season. The Program is a great way of featuring our athletes and promoting Bomber Pride. The following Senior Athletes can be found at these locations. Stop by and see your favorite Kenston Senior Athlete participating in a Fall Sport.

Debora Salon – Scott Cardwell
Grand Slam – RJ Safranek
The Grill – Nick McCreary
Drug Mart – Jennifer Braun, Pete Palumbo
Howard Hanna – Kim Kobzowicz, Kyle Weemhoff
Maenza’s – Alyssa Ross, Tory Treu, Kylen Hughes, Jamie Hegrat
PostNet – Nick Gardner
Falls Floor Gallery – Brian Marien
Perfect Dry Cleaning – Kaity Genovese, AJ Holderman
Bainbridge Barbers – Jennifer Althans, Jessica Ferguson
Cosentino’s – Jake Caputo
Mazzulo’s – Mark Canitia
The Consignery: Bryan Sickling, Katie McLean, Scott Burgess
The Grille: Mike Olsen, Rosalia Suglia, Ben Herbert
Lana Fur & Tailoring: Steve Heintel, Zach Lewis, Sarah Braun
Breezewood Garden Center: Marcia Moran, David Wildasin, Kayla Gholson, B. Siler
Charter One Bank: Lauren Nolan, Austin Nappier, Conor Pinkerton
Raised & Glazed: Kim Silla, Katie Genovese, Robert Powell
Dr. Michael Greenburg – Steve Benjamin
Heinen's - Alex Lowman
Zeppe's Pizza - Zack Bates
Arabica - Sean Carson, Clair Randall
Washington Street Diner - Peter Larkin-Gero, Samantha Kermode
Empress Court - Bob Zahn
Bainbridge Hairdressers - Jackie Hoyle
Fashion Nails - Megan Davis
DJ Cleaners - Ashley Cross
Martinizing Drycleaning - Egon Bohler, Kelsey Verderber
Sears Hardware - Eric Ford, Jared Williams
Huntington Bank - Bryan Cooper
Fussy Cleaners - Jeff Hastings
Cinnamon Bear - Max Mellman