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Fall Athlete Picture Locations ~ 2010

KAB is excited to announce the picture placement of the Fall Athletes with the Senior Athlete Pride Picture Program. Local stores, restaurants and retailers will feature Senior Athletes by Season. Their picture will proudly be displayed in their store throughout the season. The Program is a great way of featuring our athletes and promoting Bomber Pride. The following Senior Athletes can be found at these locations. Stop by and see your favorite Kenston Senior Athlete participating in a Fall Sport.

Drug Mart: Katie Marks, Morgan Weemhoff
Falls Floor Gallery: Simon Dobos, Victoria Marchant, Justin Brownlow
Cosentino’s: David Iklodi, Cody Spisak, Tam Surtees
Mazzuo’s: Ellen Reeb, Ryan Huffman, Randy Toth
Heinen’s: Percey Johnson, Pat Porter
Zeppe’s Pizza: Nick Lattanz, Rachel Jerpbak, Oriana Suglia
Perfect Dry Cleaning: Jason Bauck, Molly Zeigler, Lauren Landsman
Washington Street Diner: James Romanowski, Connie Huff, Weston Kondik
Martinizing Dry Cleaners: Nicki Henry, Sean Gilday, Jeff Chudakuff
Fashion Nails: Stephen Wonnell, Ryan Sheets
The Consignery: Brooke Indiano, Kelly Leffier, Hunter Begy
Breezewood: Bennett Norley, Alex Tan
Lana Fur & Tailoring: Ally Bates, Ryan Reese, Nolan Marks, Jordan Manke, Eric Genshock
DJ Cleaner: Rebecca Seman, Maygen Semall, Kelsey Frey
Empress Court: Erin Fuhr, Ian Thorpe, Louis Mantush
Café’ Michael: Sarah Piteo, Catherine Rogers, Gino Severino
Howard Hanna: Kaitlyn Faist, Alyssa Schabel, Tom Hagan
Papa Santis: Morgen Lyon, Megan Wendel, Dreadnaught Stubbs
Mojo to go: Nick Gratto, Mark Lundstrom, Jack Rolf
Georgio’s Pizza: Tess Cumpstone, Joe McVeen, Sam Peterson
Excel Printing: CJ Knox, Adam Church, Alex Deuley (PLACED INSIDE DISPLAY CASE)
Grand Slam: Collin Sheehy, Cailin Bartolone, Kim Gallavan