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2 Years Later, and Still Working
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2 Years Later, and Still Working

Ryan AstalosThis past Spring break my family and I traveled down to Gautier Mississippi to do some Hurricane Katrina relief work. The trip down to Mississippi took two days, going through the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We arrived at the church that we were staying at, on the Saturday before Easter.

From Home Page We started our work on Monday. We began our morning with a big breakfast and devotions. We then had to do our part in the kitchen and clean all the dishes. After that was finished, we gathered all the tools that we needed to work on the house. The house we were assigned to was in the next town over called Moss Point. Once we were at the house, we introduced ourselves to the homeowner, Ms. Green. She is an elderly widow that was born and raised in the same neighborhood. She was a really kind person and we were so glad to not only have met her, but to help restore her home. We found out that we were the fourth team to work on her house and she had to wait two years for the first team to come and help.

We worked on the living room, the hallway and the bathroom. In the living room, we put up drywall, mudded and sanded the screw holes and seams and then primed and painted the walls and ceiling. When we arrived at the house and looked at the bathroom, it was nothing but a "hole in the wall," the walls, toilet, shower, and sink had all been stripped out. Our time was limited and we only installed a new walk in shower, floors, walls, and finished all the plumbing. In the hallway we did some patch work and painted the walls.

The devastation that still exists in this region today, two and a half years after the storm, is incredible. Much work has been done, but they have a long way to go to get back to the way it was.
Our spring break did not only include work, on our last day we took a trip to Biloxi and New Orleans. Our first thing to do was a shrimp boat tour in Biloxi and we only got two shrimp, mainly because it wasn’t shrimp season. I felt like Forrest Gump on his first shrimping trip. We then went to New Orleans. When we got there the first thing we did was go to Bourbon St. and the French Quarters. We ate lunch at the World Famous Pat O’Brien’s Restaurant. We ate alligator meat for an appetizer (it tastes like chicken). Then we went to see the Mississippi River and the Super Dome. The next morning we left for our trip home.