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Local Kmart Closing
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Local Kmart Closing

Jacob FoxThe Kmart store in Bainbridge at 17625 Chillicothe Road, in Tanglewood Square, is among the 79 Sears and Kmart stores nationwide that will be closing in 2012, according to Sears Holdings. A fellow Web Design student Ryan Muniz works at Kmart. Ryan said, "I am disappointed Kmart is closing, I will be loosing my job and now I will have to search for another job. This is the second time the place I worked at that is closing, I wish the economy would get better! "Sears Holdings announced December 27 it would close between 100-120 Sears and Kmart stores. Kmart released a list of 79 stores that it will be closing, with more store closings to be announced when they become available.

From Home Page The Bainbridge store is one of six Kmart's in Ohio which will be shutting its doors. No official closing date was provided by Sears Holdings. According to a release on, a typical store has between 40-80 employees. No figures were available on the number of people employed at the Bainbridge Kmart. Kenston student Lindsey Lawes said, "I am sad that the store is closing, it was convenient for me to just run in and get what I needed." It seems most people are upset the store is closing.

The closings are the result of a sharp drop in holiday sales compared to a year ago, according to Sears Holdings. Ryan said, "It's been slow ever since I started working there, which was three months ago." The company reported sales at its stores dropped 5.2 percent in the eight weeks leading to Christmas Day, including a 4.4 percent drop in sales at Kmart stores and a 6 percent decline in sales at domestic Sears stores. Retail sales overall improved from last year, according to industry experts.