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About the Bomberettes

Melissa Strauch The Bomberettes are a dance team coached by Kathy Werner. The Bomberettes have been performing for Kenston fans for many years.

From Home Page I interviewed three of the Bomberettes, Katherine Kiedaisch, Sara Dwyer, and Gina Monacci about themselves and the dance team. Gina and Katherine have been in Bomberettes for 4 years. Katherine said, "It's going to be really sad when senior night rolls around!" Gina's favorite part is "Spending time with so many other girls who love to dance as much as I do." Most of the Bomberettes have been dancing for a long time. Sarah tried tapping and jazzing for a short time. Sarah said, "I haven't done any kind of dancing until I tried out for Bomberettes freshman year."

As you can see it takes a lot of time and effort to be a Bomerette. We should all appreciate their dedication! Mr. C. said "I'm convinced they practice longer than any other Kenston team. I am amazed at all their dedication."