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Murder at Coppersmith Inn
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Murder at Coppersmith Inn

Jessica DeWaterKenston Center Stage is performing Murder at Coppersmith Inn. This play is based on three students that are trying out for a play about a murder mystery at an inn. These students, however, are not the best of actors and with the Coppersmith Inn already having financial and legal problems, you can only imagine what will happen next. KCS members have been working hard to make this play a success.

From Home Page The play will be performed on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22. We will also be adding a matinee on Sunday, November 23. The added performance on Sunday afternoon was added for convenience as well as to allow more people to view the show. With the play being performed in the afternoon there will be time afterwards to strike the set instead of having to come back on Monday after school to do this. Tickets will be available online on the Kenston Website starting November 3.

The members of KCS are very excited to be performing this play and they hope it turns out great. "While watching the actors practice many nights during the weeks leading up to the play, I have noticed that they seem to be progressing very well and that they work well with each other. I can tell already that the play is going to turn out great," said Amanda Hrabak.