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Dance Team Basketball Season

Megan Montville As the new basketball season starts, the Kenston Bomberette Dance Team is starting to put together routines. Preparing for basketball games and numerous competitions, the girls are beginning to condition for their routines, getting ready to compete. This year’s captains are seniors Leah Clemmer, Shannon Pesek, and Renata Rosznyai. Working together, they have come up with routines and are critiquing the team during practices.

From Home Page Taking a break for the holidays, the dancers also get to have a holiday party that includes Secret Santas. When they come back from their break, it is time for serious practices. Long hours will be put into play and critical critiquing to make the routines perfect. Sophomore Tate Hamilton said, “I’m so excited to get to dance at competitions and getting to watch the other teams there will be a great experience.”

Nationals are another thing the Bomberettes are looking forward to. For the past three years, they have won first place in all of their routines at Nationals. Freshman Lexi Gentile said, “Getting to experience Nationals for the first time should be really fun. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything turns out.” If you want to come support the dance team at local competitions, keep in touch and look for updates.