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Tree Lighting Performance
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Tree Lighting Performance

Jazmin StokesThe dance team performed at the tree lighting ceremony on Saturday, December 28, at downtown Cleveland. The dance team really enjoyed this opportunity and loved doing it for the kids. There were tons of people watching. At the beginning of the show, the children didn't know that Santa Claus was going to come out and sing. When he did this, all the children were shocked and started screaming. They also were showered with fake snow. This made it seem more real to some children and they looked like they were enjoying the performance.

From Home Page After the performance was over, the dance team was invited to a VIP party. At the party the dance team sat by a tree and took pictures with Santa. Many people came to see the Bomberettes at the end of the show. When the dance team was back in the room, they were thanked by Christina for being able to do the performance. The dance team then thanked Kristina because of the wonderful opportunity. Lexie Gentile, a freshman on the dance team, said, "Performing for the children was very fun and I’m glad I had the chance to do it."

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