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Academic Competition Begins!
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Academic Competition Begins!

Mike RutanaPick up your buzzers, ladies and gentlemen, because Academic Competition is just starting! For those who don't know, Academic Competition is a test of an individual's wits and trivial knowledge, pitting their brains and buzzer speed against the other competitors. Every year, there are new challengers, questions, and competitions, and this year is no exception. Despite finishing 2nd the last two years on the Emmy award-winning television show, Academic Challenge, the team hopes to redeem themselves with strong showings at the various tournaments held throughout the year.

From Home Page The Kenston Academic Competition team is spearheaded by the great minds of math teachers Mr. Koltas and Mr. Hochkraut, who travel with the team to competitons scattered throughout Northeast Ohio. Team practices usually occur every other Friday, and despite only being practice, are frequently ferocious battles for bragging rights over the other teams and competitors. With teams such as, "You, Me, and no PG," "Dougie," and "Team Buspass," the competition has only gotten fiercer this year.

Academic Competition's first tournament is Saturday, October 9, at the competitive Copley-Fairlawn High School Meet. Occurring every month are the Buffalo Wild Wings meetings, where team members battle for gift cards and trivial superiority while devouring complementary hot wings. Feel free to stop by after school every other Friday in Mr. Koltas' room and try your hand against Kenston's sharpest minds!