Kenston High School
Janus 2002
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High School

By Candace Cedeno

As a senior you are faced with many things. You are faced with decisions about college, your friends, and being on your own. People say your senior year is your best year, and I agree. You "run" the school, people look up to you, there are those infamous senior skip days, senior parties, and senioritis. With all the things you have to think about as a senior, it is kind of hard to focus on what to do about the future with your academic career, such as your major in college and/or future employment. Right now you mostly think about the past and reflect on the first three years of your high school life.

Freshmen, or should I say fresh meat, when your first words were "fear" and "watch out." The Seniors at that time ruled the school, in your opinion, with an iron fist. They taunted you with jeers, threw towels at you during gym, and during the pep assemblies, you were always the "butt" of the jokes.

Next, comes Sophomore year, you're a step up, but far away from the top. You look down upon the newly crowned freshmen, but you express sympathy for the young ones because you know what they're about to face. But surely do you also participate, in an attempt to "fit in" with the crowd. You might get your first Homecoming or Prom nomination.

By the time you look at it, you're a Junior now, and responsibilities are forced upon your shoulders. The Seniors are being, just as you hoped, forced out on their own to experience the "real world" and you will finally become a Senior. But, while being aJunior, you are thrown into the mix of controversy, as kids that you've grown up to become "young" adults have raging hormones, and the boy and girl endeavor is the rage. Parties begin to really jump off for the Junior, as the Junior-Senior bond becomes ever the tighter with the graduation near approaching. Also, as a Junior, you get to catch a glimpse into your own future. Graduation is something that sees you in the place of the nearly departed Senior. You yearn and also fear that time and place. For you know that the end is near and apparent, but also freedom and new experiences are also beckoning at the same door.

Finally, your Senior year approaches, you know everyone from faculty to freshmen, the world beckons your call. The countdown begins, final exams have to be taken, and portfolios have to be turned in. Rehearsals for graduation begins, even though you're not dressed in the cap and gown, you get handed that imaginary piece of paper, while your high school life flashes across your eyes. Lastly, you have graduation. Your family and friends are all there to watch you walk the walk and talk all the talk all you want after the ceremony is over. The principal asks for everyone to be quiet while the young adults cross the threshold into adulthood, alas, the "real world" as a sign of respect. But as anyone would know, once your name is called, your whole family goes crazy. That is what high school is...crazy, and I am glad that I've been a part of that whole crazy trip.