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Candidates Night 2013
ABOVE: PACK students host Candidates Night 2013 on October 16!
PACK meets Bob Woodward: Photos

PACK meets Bob Woodward!

Kristina SimpsonThis Tuesday, April 8th, 2014, the Political Action Committee of Kenston, or PACK for short, had an amazing field trip opportunity. PACK gives students, who have an interest in politics, an oppurtunity to talk about current events and all kinds of government news amongst their peers. Mrs. Smith, a history teacher at Kenston, runs the club and is very involved in helping her students get the best information and have real experience in the political world. The students involved in PACK traveled to the WVIZ studio in Cleveland for a great chance to interview Bob Woodward. Bob Woodward is mostly known for breaking the Watergate story to the public.

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Shoutout to PACK!

Zach SmithPACK is the Political Action Committee of Kenston. They discuss the current events and politics of our local, state, and national government. PACK is run by government teacher Mrs. Smith. In this group, students learn more about our country's politics and get to experience events such as candidate night during election time among other things. This April, they will be meeting investigative journalist and author Bob Woodward. If you are interested in joining PACK then talk to Mrs. Smith in room A210.

"PACK is a fun way to learn more about our government!" said Iain Speece.


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