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Kenston Fashion Show

Taylor ClasenThe Kenston High School Fashion Show is Thursday, April 10. Tickets will be sold next week Monday through Wednesday. The Fashion Show takes place in the Kenston Auditorium. The money generated by the Fashion Show is all donated to the Kenston After Prom fund, so the more people who go, the better Prom and After Prom will be. Come support the juniors and seniors as they model their formal and casual attire.

From Home Page For the newcomers who don't know what the Fashion Show is, it 's a fashion show where our very own juniors and seniors model proper Prom and After Prom apparel. The juniors model clothes that are appropriate to wear to After Prom, and the seniors model appropriate tuxes and dresses for the Kenston Prom.

The Kenston Fashion Show is organized by a group of moms each year. They call several stores and get them to let us borrow their clothes for our show. They are extremely dedicated. Tina Barrow, a six year veteran and head of the Fashion Show, said, "The Kenston Fashion Show is quickly becoming a Kenston tradition. Not only do the students have a blast participating, they are raising money for their Prom."

Of course, getting up on stage in front of a lot of people isn't for everyone; some students are afraid and others are embarrassed. Ben Clemens said, "A lot of kids say the Fashion Show is stupid, but they are just afraid to be on stage with everyone looking at them. We are just trying to support our Prom; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that." If you’re afraid or embarrassed to get on stage, it's okay. Just buy a ticket to donate to the Prom fund and go watch your friends do their thing up on stage.