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It's Your Decision

Colleen DownieOn Tuesday, April 22, 2008, Kenston's senior class traveled to Parkside Church in Bainbridge for a presentation about the harms of drinking and driving. The presentation was a formal educational lesson about the dangers of participating in drinking and then driving. Over seven school districts were represented in the assembly on Tuesday and the entire church was filled to capacity. The name of the presentation was "Your Life. Your Choice" because the decisions one makes ultimately affects his/her life forever.

From Home Page When speaking with Mr. C, he shared a heart-wrenching story of similar nature to the stories shared with students at the assembly Tuesday. Mr. C was an assistant coach at St. Joseph High School and had the pleasure of knowing three very smart, talented football players who earned scholarships to Big Ten schools. One of the students was valedictorian and spoke at graduation earlier that same night. The students should have had a bright future. After graduation that night, they celebrated their hard-earned accomplishments by going to a party but then decided to race down Lake Shore Boulevard at very high speeds. They ran into a telephone pole and were pronounced dead at the scene. The first person to get to the accident was a Euclid paramedic, assistant football coach at St. Joe's, and classmate of Mr. C's. There was nothing he could do at this point except use life jaws to try and get the bodies out of the car that was wrapped around the telephone pole. The paramedic coached all three boys for four years. Imagine for a second how he felt.

With prom season arriving and the end of the year activities fast approaching, it is important for seniors and all students to make wise, proper decisions regarding their actions. The assembly was very moving and its influence on many students undeniable from the look on their faces and tears. Student Pat Moore said, "You could never think of drinking and driving after hearing the stories from past victims and drunk drivers. It’s just not possible." The day’s message was a great success and a special thanks to the administration, teachers, and bus transportation who could make the presentation possible.