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Being an Exchange Student
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Being an Exchange Student

Rafael NegreirosBeing an exchange student means having to accept being far away from home and your family, learning the culture of another country, and representing your own home. It's a great experience where you have to learn to adapt to a culture different from your own; you need to familiarize with things such as food, weather, language, new friends, your host family members, and rules.

From Home Page When you are an exchange student, the first thing you should do is look for friends and try learning the foreign language as fast as you can. Sometimes things can become very difficult when you miss your real family, food, and all the other things that make where you live great. You have to try to occupy your time with anything from playing sports and talking with friends to hanging out with the host family.

Kenston students can also be in an exchange program. Visit American Field Service for more information. You get to pick the country and how much time you want to spend (6 months or 1 year). You get a temporary student visa and then live abroad. It's an awesome experience that helps you to learn life lessons and different perspectives of the world.