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Riddle Me This Egg Hunt
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Riddle Me This Egg Hunt

Jason BauckThere is going to be a new game in the student life section. It's called Riddle Me This Egg Hunt. It will be up and running soon. Anyone can play the game, but not everyone will finish it. The game has a series of riddles that will lead to the next egg. The eggs are hidden as different objects such as a "." (Period) or a "," (Comma). They can also be hidden as words, numbers and pictures. An egg in web terms is an unexpected surprise, perhaps a message, an image, or a sound, hidden in a Website or in an application program as the unexpected.

From Home Page Here is the first riddle to get you started:

If a rooster laid 10 eggs and the farmer took 5 of them and another rooster laid 14 eggs and 5 of them were rotten, how many eggs were left?

Hint: the answer is in the riddle.