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New Weight Room Page

Kevin MossFinally the long awaited weight room page is here! It’s been long and hard, but with the help of Marc Canitia, Tyler Laurinaitis, Robby Catlin, and Chris White; we were able to re-launch the Weight Room page.

From Home Page Originally started by Tony Winn and Torry Treu the weight room page was a great success. However, it was discontinued after time. The five of us were interested in restarting the legendary page, so Chris and I went to Mr. C about it. Mr. C seemed very excited about the idea. He said, "Of course you can do it, O YA!" So we started doing work. About a week later we were done with the page. We did our best to keep your favorites like Beast Of The Week and even added a new section called Lift Of The Week.

As you can tell people are very anxious for the new page. Chris White said, "I’m so excited to be one of the new creators of the Weight Room page. I’m really pumped to see what we can do with it." Look forward to the Weight Room page being updated in the future and we hope you enjoy the brand new Weight Room page!