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Scholarships Still Available
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Scholarships Still Available

Kevin DeFranco Are you a senior and need to lower the rising cost of college tuition? Well you can. Scholarships are given to students who need to reduce the expensive costs. Luckily you don’t even need too look too far for one. The Guidance page of our website is full of local scholarships. Mr. C. said, “Every year Guidance asks me to post a ‘plea’ to seniors, because they have scholarships that no one applied for.”

From Home Page “Scholarships are good for me because they help lower the burden on my parents and myself for the cost of college,” said senior Cole Herman. Other websites such as or have scholarship search engines to look nationally. The only problem with this is that you are competing nationally instead of locally. The deadlines for the scholarships are rapidly approaching and some have already passed. Start looking right away because the majority of the scholarships need transcripts, essays and/or letter of recommendations.

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