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Jayme FergusonThe first semester is quickly coming to an end, and all the students are wrapping up their studies. There is only one more semester left for the majority of seniors before they graduate, and only 6 more weeks for the seniors graduating early! Julie Fishleigh said, "Deciding to graduate early was the best decision I've ever made!" So far, it’s been one heck of a year and all the seniors are beginning to acquire sadness about leaving one another. Applying for college has been the senior's top priority for the past few months, and some students have already decided on what college they plan on attending in the fall of 2010. We've all been together for so long, and the end of our high school career is rapidly approaching. We have all been waiting for graduation for 12 years, and waiting has finally paid off.

From Home Page Kyle Weninger said, "Sitting next to Jayme Ferguson in Web Design everyday was a pleasure and I will miss her dearly. I will truly be upset after the first semester is over. High School has been a great time so far but going to college, in all honesty, is going to be so much better!"

High school has had good memories and bad memories, but more memories are soon to come in college with new teachers and a variety of new faces. I speak for majority of the senior class when I say, we can't wait to go to college!