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This Semester's Web Builders' Great New Content!
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This Semester's Web Builders' Great New Content!

Sean GildayThis semester's web class of 75 students was ready for the task of adding to and maintaining the Kenston Website. Our teacher and Webmaster, Mr. Continenza, has taught us how to work all the programs needed for use on the website. We know how to use programs such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver. These are the tools that we use to keep the website looking like it is today. It has been about 6 weeks since the semester change, and our class is starting to make great additions to our website!

From Home Page There is a variety of different pages that require constant upkeep, such as the sports pages. They need to be updated with the newest scores and pictures from all the athletic events Kenston is involved in. The Kenston Website also has a multitude of different Student Life pages that have the most student involvement, and with all the Web Design students we are sure to have some very nice changes to these pages. Andrew Sawayda and I are going to be the new Web Builders for the Almost Famous page, started by Brian Beebe last year. Brendan Gilday and Jack Carson will be taking over the Mixing it Up page and the Basement. They should make some fine new editions to these two pages with their Photoshop prowess. I also have my own collection of photoshops on the Basement page, the Mike Braun Photoshop Page. And finally Mike Braun himself will be editing the Look-a-likes and Face Morphs page.
Michael Rendlesham said, "I love working on the website because it's fun to edit photos of yourself and write articles of how you feel or what you want." If you have never taken Web Design at Kenston, don't miss out on this awesome class. Not only do you get hands-on learning about websites, you also get to add content to our award winning website.