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Variety Show Coming Soon
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Variety Show Coming Soon!

Ian OrzackEvery year Kenston has its annual Variety Show. This is an event where students with a special talent get to express themselves in front of the rest of the school and their families. This show has been the number one fundraiser for NHS. It always sells out quickly, so get your tickets soon! This year's show includes: A rapping performance by Mywan Fair, Tyler Beasley, Harrison Ellis, and Evan Pressman. Amanda Krasowski and her Irish Dancing Crew are performing a full length Irish dance. Those are just two of the many acts at the Kenston Variety Show, so get your tickets now! Here are some of the other students that are performing.

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Possible line up includes:
The Society (Ben Foote-Huth, Logan Mikus, Brendan Marien, and Brody Leon)
Taylor Hood
Lauren Swanson
Matty Treu and Jess Sofranko
Jamie Gardner and Claire Horstman
Michael Fanos
Tiger Explosion with Catherine Rogers and John Malone (Lucas Himmelman, Randy Toth, Brody Leon)
Amanda Krasowski and her Irish Dancing Crew
Connie Huff and Brian Beebe
Vincent Indiano
Mywan Fair, Tyler Beasley, Harrison Ellis, Evan Pressman
Katie Rothshuch and Kim Munch
Sarah Poe
Emily Kichler and Hugh Edwards
House band-Gigantor: Randy Toth, Hugh Edwards, Lucas Himmelman, and Jack Burg