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The Browns: Is There Hope?
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The Browns: Is There Hope?

Alec PidalaJohn Collins said, "My grandfather bought 4 season tickets to the Browns 40 years ago. Our extended family has used these tickets to much enjoyment and disappointment, mostly disappointment in the last decade." John also said, "We have no intention on selling them. We are loyal fans." On the other hand, Mr. C. said, "It is no fun going to the stadium and watching the Browns lose. My brothers and I are considering selling our season tickets." The Cleveland Browns have been in a slump for thirteen years. Their losing reputation began when Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore in 1996. Cleveland was without a team for three years. Finally, Cleveland got the new Browns in 1999. On September 12, 1999, the Browns held their season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, Browns fans went home disappointed when the Steelers slaughtered the Browns 45-0. The Browns went on to lose their first seven games and finally got their first win against the New Orleans Saints. That season the Browns went 2-14, while going 0-8 at home.

From Home Page In 2000 the Browns get their first win at home against the Steelers.  That year the Browns got off to a good start with a 2-1 record.  Then things started to turn bad and they finished the season with a 3-13 record.  In 2001 the Browns got a new head coach.  His name was Butch Davis and within the first six weeks the Browns had a record of 4-2.  During this season the Browns beat Art Modell's Ravens.  They finished the season with a 7-9 record.  This season gave Browns fans hope for the future.

In 2002 the Browns had a record of 8-7 with one game left in the regular season.  They had a shot to make the playoffs if they won at home against the Atlanta Falcons.  In the first half of that game their starting QB, Tim Couch, broke his right leg.  The back up QB, Kelly Holcomb, would lead the Browns to victory.  The Browns would go to the playoffs for the first time since their reappearance in the NFL.  In the first game of the playoffs the Browns would lose to the Steelers.

Following their good season in 2002, 2003 proved a disappointment with a record of 5-11.

In 2004 they gained Jeff Garcia and Kellen Winslow II.  Winslow suffered injuries and was out for two years.  Coach Butch Davis shocked Cleveland when he quit after the 11th game. The Browns hired Terry Robiske as their new head coach. The Browns ended their 2004 season with a 4-12 record.  As the 2005 season began for the Browns they hired Romeo Crennel from the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. After Trent Dilfer was struggling Charlie Frye got a chance on the field. The Browns finished with a 6-10 record, but the young Charlie Frye was looking promising as he passed for 1,000 yards. He also had four touchdowns within his five starts.

In the 2007 season much was expected of the Browns. They gained QB Brady Quinn. Charlie Frye was now the starting QB and he had Winslow and Edwards as his two primary receivers. The Brown just missed the playoffs with a record of 10-6.  However, during the start of the 2009 season the Browns traded Winslow and Edwards. Starting QB Brady Quinn was doing very bad and got replaced by Derek Anderson. When Derek Anderson came in he was not doing well. Coach Mangini now had to decide who would take the starting job because both QB's stunk. On the Monday night game of the 2009 season Brady Quinn got the starting job. However, the Browns lost after holding the Raven's to a tie in the first half. "Usually when the Browns are doing bad the fans get mad and yell and scream. This game everyone was just laughing at them," said Rick Pidala. "Downtown Cleveland should have been packed but one third of the seats at the game were empty on a Monday night game," said Matt Byrns.  Is there a curse on Cleveland? I hope not! I still have hope for the Browns, and one day they will be on top again.