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Summer Trip to Africa
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Summer Trip to Africa

Brooke IndianoThe living conditions in Africa are extremely poor. One doesn't know what it is truly like to have nothing until you experience it yourself. Alyssa Schabel has had that first had experience. She went to Africa over the summer of 2010. She traveled with the Me to We/Free the Children volunteer group. Me to We/Free the Children work with youth to spread awareness about poverty, teach people about their culture, focuses on the school and water problems effecting many third world countries. Before Alyssa could go there, she needed to raise roughly $5,000. Alyssa was able to accomplish this by selling Nika water and by working for her parents. She also had to get many immunizations; some included yellow fever, malaria, and small pox. Also, to prevent diseases she had to take malaria pills. Alyssa is unable to swallow pills so she had to crush them up to take the medicine. That’s a nasty taste!

From Home Page After a day and a half of flying, Alyssa and her team finally reached their destination, Nairobi. Once there her daily activities included: eating breakfast, boarding the lorriee (army bus), and traveling on the extremely bumpy roads to Pimbiniet Primary School, working on the school, and playing with the children. The group’s job was to help reconstruct the poorly built school buildings. The buildings were made of dirt, sticks, manure, and weeds. There were fallen walls, holes in the ceiling, and animals like rats and chickens roaming free

The conditions in Africa were truly life changing, "The people I met on this trip appreciated the simple values of life, while living in the poorest conditions known to man. I learned to put more stress on the happiness of being alive than on the unhappiness that materialism can bring to our society," Alyssa said. She advises others to go on trips like this because there are a lot of people in need around the world. Alyssa plans on going back to Africa.