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Changing The World, Starting With Kenston?
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Changing The World, Starting With Kenston?

Emily GradlHow can one person change the world? The answer is Paying It Forward. The concept is like the domino affect. One person changes the lives of three people and those three people change the lives of three other people, then eventually, if the chain is not broken, we can change the world. The idea comes from the inspirational movie Pay it Forward.

Pay It ForwardFrom Home Page The KHS Web Builders have spent some time reading about and discussing the topic of RESPECT. We started by reading a graduation speech from 2005 that challenged us to make friends with new people. We then read an article entitled Walkers vs. Flushers that made us reflect on how other people perceive us. Then we spent two days last week watching the Pay It Forward movie and I know we are all inspired.

What can one person do to change the life of another? It starts with a selfless act. We live in an unfair and corrupt world, but the only people that can change it are the people in it. Whether it's helping someone connect with a long lost relative or raising money for a good cause, you have to be the change you want to see in the world. So the KHS Web Builders give you a challenge Kenston, change the life of someone today and tell them to Pay It Foreword. Together we can change the world. KHS senior, Rebecca Cardaman, "After seeing the movie, it made me realize that one person really can change the world, no matter what age you are."