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History Behind New Years
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History Behind New Years

Sophie KocheffNew Years has been a tradition for centuries. Every family, culture, and religion has its own special way of welcoming the upcoming year. For over 3,000 years New Years Eve and New Years day have been celebrated in countries all over the world! Countries on the solar calendar such as, United States, Australia, British Isles, North & South America, Europe, and Scandinavia start their new year on January 1.

From Home Page Some traditions people have on New Years Eve is to use noisemakers at large parties. The noisemakers are used for a couple of different reasons. One reason for the noisemakers is to express peoples' joy and hope for the New Year. The second reason people use noisemakers on New Years Eve is to scare away the bad spirits so the New Year will be full of good luck and good attitude. Another tradition that people do on New Years is to watch the "ball drop." In the early celebrations of the ball dropping on New Years Eve people would use fruits instead of the crystal ball that we have now. In the past, in Atlanta, Georgia, they dropped a peach and New York City had to top that so they decided to drop and apple and the apple turned into the beautiful crystal ball we have now!

Another interesting fact about New Years is the symbols that represent it. There are two major symbols for the New Year, Father Time (an old man) and Baby New Year. Father Time represents that the year is coming to an end and then Baby New Year is a rebirth of the year.

Hopefully everybody had a great New Year, whether you spent it in a space praying, having a party with you friends and family or just sitting at home watching the ball drop in New York City at midnight. Tara Teeples said that she hung out with her family on New Years and had a lot of fun!