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Crazy Stuff

Once More...

And so, once again, the Crazy Stuff Page changes hands. Only this time, those grubby mits happen to be my own. O.o Anywho, I look forward (kind of) to updating this page as often as I can. Let's just hope I can redefine crazy for you...

Weird Car Crashes

I have created yet another crazy and amazing page for our good old Crazy Stuff page. The new page is called Weird Car Crashes. My new masterpiece includes crazy pictures of car crashes in the real world like a car with a giant soccer ball on it. Thank you for checking us out and if you have any suggestions for this page please email

Second Semester's Crazy Stuff Page

Hello Kenston and welcome to the second semester edition of Crazy Stuff. I will be editing as well as adding on to the Crazy Stuff page. Be prepared to have your mind blown by the many strange and weird things we have in our world. I will add whatever I think that is awesome and strange. If you have any crazy stuff worthy of this page please email it to or tell me at school.

Welcome back to the Crazy Stuff Page

Welcome back to the Crazy Stuff page. I look forward to showing you many different things that will blow your mind. I will be updating this page as I find new things that will leave you in amazement. If you know of some crazy stuff let me know and I will have it put up on this page ASAP.

Crazy Domino Loop

The Crazy Stuff page currently has 3 sections: optical illusions and pictures that can't exist in real life, Crazy but real pictures, and stuff that will blow your mind (a page were the picture is either both an illusion and real or is so crazy even I don't how it works.) The page explains all of the illusions, but I found a animated picture that looks real, but I can't explain right now. It is on the Stuff that will blow you mind page and I'm looking for an answer to help explain it (I think it has a magnet that is always one the opposite side od the falling domino and makes the domino stand back up, thus creating an endless loop, but thats just a guess). If you have something that should be on this page, email it to I hope you like the Crazy Stuff page and come back often to check the new stuff that gets added.

Welcome to the Crazy Stuff Page!

Everyone likes optical illusions, so now the Crazy Stuff page has been created to show you some awesome illusions and other crazy stuff. Check back often for new pics. If you have an awesome picture, email it to

Crazy Stuff

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