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Respect at Kenston

Christina CifaniEmily MoonWhat are your views on respect at Kenston High School? We believe that Kenston students deserve a place where they give and recieve respect from everybody including students and staff. How can this be done? Respect is given in simple ways by anyone and everyone. Something such as holding the door, saying hi to somebody new, or just smiling at someone who looks down. We challenge you to make somebody's day this week.

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What is Respect to Kenston?

Mike RosenbergIs it possible to define what respect means without using the word respect in the sentence? Take a minute to think about this question. If you’re thinking to yourself yes then you are correct. In all honesty it is pretty tough to do but completely possible. Recently a group of students in the first block web class set out to find out what the teachers, students, and everyone in between’s definition of respect.

The group decided to make a video documenting their quest through out the hallways for the definition. In the process of filming the video the group noticed a definite pattern in the responses. Most people believe in something that has been taught to us since we were little kids, the golden rule. The rule makes sense, treat people how you would like to be treated. It may not be the only part of respect but it’s a good start. I’ve decided to ask some Web Builders who aren’t working on the video their opinion. Colin Sheehy said, “I think it is treating people fair without any bias as long as they earn it.” So fellow Kenston students think about what respect is to you and how you can respect each other.

Kenston Web Builders are Building Respect

Stephen MasonThe Web Builders in Kenston High School are doing more than just building the website. We read a speech by Andrew Kopas at his graduation, concerning building friends during high school. We then watched the movie Pay It Forward, and held a socratic seminar afterword in order to brainstorm ideas for making Kenston a better place.

Part of the role of a Web Builder is building a friendly and respectful environment at Kenston High School as well as maintaining the website. Kenston Web Builders are challenged with coming up with ideas to make Kenston a better place. We are challenged to get out of our comfort zones and make friends with students outside of our "cliques." These challenges do not just apply to the Web Builders. Every student at Kenston is encouraged to personally take on these challenges and help make Kenston a more respectful, friendly environment.


Quote of the day

“Never take a person's dignity: it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you.” Frank Barron

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