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Ray's MTB

This month's "trail" is a bit different. Ray's is the world's first indoor mountain biking park. It is a great place to spend a few hours on a cold winter's day. Along with all the awesome trails, Ray's also features a great lounge to hang out in.We've shown plenty of pictures and information about Ray's on the Broken Spoke already, but it definately deserves a place in the Trail of the Month section. Ray's isn't open in the summer, but if you head over there next fall you'll find all kinds of fun things to do. Ray's isn't just an indoor bike trail, it has multiple sections. These include a cross country loop, an expert section, beginner room, and plenty of other obstacles to ride on. The most unique thing you'll find at Ray's however, is the foam pit. You ride down a ramp, gathering speed, and then ride off a jump and fly into the air, landing safely in the foam pit. I know the owner, Ray, personally, and I know that he really cares about making sure everyone has fun at Ray's. This is why the park is improved every summer while it is closed. The best thing about Ray's is thar you can ride there in the winter, when there's feet of snow outside. There's so much to do at Ray's, and I can't talk about everything, but don't worry, you will have lots of fun if you go there. Ray's is located on the west side of Cleveland. Learn more at You can also see more pictures taken by Pat Hanlon and myself here.

Outer Track
Beginner Room