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Improve or Maintain Keyboarding Skills


Homerow - Left Hand
Homerow - Right Hand
Homerow - Both Hands
New Keys - H and E
Review w/Sense after H & E
New Keys - I and R
Review w/sense after I & R
Review 1
New Keys - O and T
New Keys - N and G
New Keys - Left Shift and Period
Paragraphs for Sense-Lang
Review 2a
Review 2
New Keys - U and C
New Keys - W and Right Shift
New Keys - B and Y
Review with Sense-Lang
Review 3

New Keys - M and X
New Keys - P and V
New Keys - Q and Comma
Review 4
New Keys - Z and Colon
CAPS LOCK and Question Mark
Review 5
Tab Key
Skills Check
Keying Technique
Keyboard/Language Skills-1
Keyboard/Language Skills-2
Keyboard/Language Skills-3
New Keys: 8 and 1
New Keys: 9 and 4
New Keys: 0 and 5

New Keys: 7 and 3
New Keys: 6 and 2
Skill Builder
Master Keyboarding - 1
Keying / Language Skills - 4
Symbol Keys - 1
Symbol Keys - 2
Symbol Keys - 3
Master Keyboarding -2
Keyboard/Language Skills-5
Keyboard/Language Skills-6
Numeric Keypad 4/5/6/0
Numeric Keypad 7/8/9
Numeric Keypad 1/2/3
Review Numeric Keypad
Paragraphs for Sense_Lang
Second Week Tournament
Tournament after W & R.Shift